Census Traks Plus 4 download:

The staff of Business Information Technologies, Inc. now part of Thomson Reuters, Inc appreciates your selection of the Census Traks Plus Products. If you have any questions about the operation of the CTP-Products which the Guides do not answer, please give us a call at (651) 687-4818. We are here to help. Thank you again for choosing Census Traks Plus 4 application.

Full Application Install

System Requirements

OS*: Windows 7/Windows 8 

Free Hard Drive Space: 2 GB

Required Software: for Multiple User

SQL Server 2008 R2 or greater (Express/Standard/Enterprise)
(requires SQL Server Authentication)
SQL Database Setup Script

Required Software: for Single User

SQL Local DB 2012 either x86 or x64
MDF table (may be saved in any location, recommend a location that is on a backup schedule)

.NET Framework 4.5 or greater

 Crystal Report Viewer 9.0 or greater

These prerequisites will be reviewed upon installation and available 
to install/update to required version.

 Local or Network install.



Full Install

 Census Traks Plus 4 Install

Prerequisite Download

 Crystal Report Viewer


 SQL Database Setup Script

Local Install (need for local installs only)

 SQL Local DB 2012 x64

SQL Local DB 2012 x86

MDF tables

 SQL Express 2012 with Tools X64

 SQL Express 2012 with Tools X86
Instructions for Installing Census Traks Plus 4 application
Step 1)

Click the download button to Save or Run the Census Traks Plus 4 install.

Step 2)

Double click CensusTraksPlus4Install.exe to install the software.

Step 3)

On the first screen the list of prerequisites that at not on the computer will be displayed, click the Install button.


Step 4)

Depending on the number of prerequisites that will be installed there will be one or more End-User License Agreements. Please read and accept the license agreement to be able to click the next button.


Step 5)

Once the prerequisites are installed, Census Traks Plus 4's application install will begin.


Step 6)

Click the next button to display the End-User License Agreement. Accept and click Next to continue.


Step 7)

Click the next button to display the Activation Code and Company ID. You should have received a separate email containing the activation code and company ID. If you did not receive this information please contact Customer Service to obtain this information.


Step 8)

Click the next button to display the Customer Information. Type in User Name and Organization


Step 9)

Click the next button to display the Destination Folder.Browse to the location you want to install the software. If you have not created a folder, the install will make the folders ending with a backslash (\). The Default location is the C:\Program Files (x86)\Thomson Reuters Inc\Census Traks Plus 4\


Step 10)

Click the next button to display "Install this applications for;" option.


Step 11)

Click the next button to display Finish button to complete the install. If you want to launch the application directly from the install leave the check-box check.


Step 12)

A shortcut will be created on the desktop to launch the program. Double click to run.