Census Traks Plus


BITI has developed one of the leading software and service product offerings addressing the HMDA and CRA compliance needs of the banking industry. Based on the theory that compliance reporting is a mandated requirement of the banking industry and requires an extraordinary amount of time, labor and management attention, the reporting and management process should be performed with a flexible set of tools and should be affordable by all banks regardless of size or staffing. To support its efforts, BITI has developed and acquired large demographic databases for the entire U.S. These databases are updated on a regular basis. Its databases provide the foundation for the demographic reporting and analysis required for banking compliance.  Highlighted by the capabilities of its powerful databases, BITI provides all of the required MFI, minority, census tract, and geocoding analysis meeting all regulatory requirements. BITI provides the client with a set of reports and processed information to keep the bank’s executive informed of the bank’s position with regard to regulatory compliance. BITI’s database can be queried by both census geography (block groups and census tracts) enhancing the value to the client. BITI has developed a very user friendly and complete desktop compliance software product set for customers who choose to perform the compliance task in-house. Its product set is comprised of the following applications:



Census Traks Plus (CTP) is a full-featured CRA and HMDA analysis and reporting application

  • CTP seamlessly interfaces with all leading Loan Origination software applications eliminating the need to re-enter loan data;

  • CTP automatically assigns Census Tract IDs to each loan record;

  • CTP analyses your loan portfolio and determines LOW, MODERATE, MIDDLE and UPPER MFI assignments for each record;

  • CTP determines whether your loans are in or out of your Assessment Area;

  • CTP verifies and validates your loan record details for compliance with your agency regulations;

  • CTP HMDA automatically calculates the rate spread for each loan;

  • CTP produces more than 30 standard reports.

  • CTP Produces All Agency Submission & Exam Files Automatically!

  • Your Technical Support is FREE with your CTP License


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Census Traks Plus® Benefits

  • Compliance managers, lending officers, marketing department and senior management appreciate the versatility of CTP. Each of these key positions uses CTP’s valuable information to evaluate bank performance and build business development.

  • CTP processes existing customer information files, adding critical census and demographic variables in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually. Since CTP accepts file imports, there’s no need to spend valuable time re-entering data.

  • Submitting HMDA or CRA reports using CTP gives you the confidence that they conform to all agency regulations. Records with incomplete or invalid data are flagged for review, and valid entries for each field are displayed on-screen for operator convenience.

  • CTP gives you full-time productivity at part-time costs. Equally important, when you streamline your operations with CTP’s automated processing, your staff productivity increases and your employees have more time to invest in business development activities.

  • Because CTP was designed with ease-of-use in mind, the learning curve is short and your training expenses are reduced. This important feature pays repeated dividends in the future when personnel changes mean new staff members assume CTP operations.


CTP Feature Summary

  • HMDA and CRA Compliant

  • Easily monitor on-going CRA & HMDA performance

  • Individual (interactive) and batch address processing

  • Optional address correction in batch mode

  • Geocoding Match Score representing how well the address matches Postal Standards

  • ZIP Centroid matching for addresses not in compliance with Postal standards

  • Single address geocoding from editor screen

  • Census Tract geocoding with standard support for multiple batch import formats and mainframe downloads

  • User defined geocoding standards (high, moderate, lenient)

  • Automatic record verification for HMDA and CRA regulation edits

  • Custom data file creation with export capability to ASCII, DBF, Lotus, Excel, and other standard formats

  • Banking demographics for each record: Population, Families, Minority %, MFI, FFIEC HUD Estimates

  • Extensive standard management reports sorted by MFI, Census Tract, Loan Amounts, and Loan Values

  • User defined fields for importing specific loan data (borrower’s name, Branch ID, Lending Officer, etc)

  • HMDA and CRA paper Loan Application Registers

  • HMDA and CRA export function for preparing electronic Loan Application Registers

  • Individual record editing to correct errors

  • Exception/error reports prior to HMDA or CRA submittal

  • File importing and appending from mainframe downloads

  • Assessment area definition module

  • Entry screens to allow manual entry of HMDA or CRA required data fields

  • Comprehensive reports showing patterns of account distribution and geographic penetration

  • Quick profiles for easy comparison of existing portfolio and market areas

  • Includes census bureau and updated FFIEC variables


Compliance Reporting 

  • Prepares complete CRA and HMDA submittals; encrypts submission file for email transmission to your reporting agency

  • Validates all entries to ensure error free reports

  • Updated annually with geographic data and regulatory changes