CRA Downloads:

CRA Software version 3.5OA:      Released 8/13/2013
  1. Select the Download button above to download the CTPC_Update.exe file. When the File Download screen displays, select Save and save the file into a directory.

  2. Doule click on the CTPC_Update.exe to run.

  3. Browse to where you have the CTPC2004 directory located (i.e. C:\Program Files\CTPC2004).

  4. Click Unzip button. This will overewrite the previous files currently in the folder.

  5. Close the self extract application when it is finished.

BTS for Vendor Interfaces: Download the files and save them into the CTPC2004 directory. Replace the existing files.

ARTA Interface setup ARTACRA.BTS
Standard CRA Interface setup MICRO.BTS
FIPCO Interface setup FCCRA.BTS
GulfPac Interface setup GP-CRA.BTS
LaserPro Interface setup LP_CRA.BTS
Rembrandt Interface setup REMCRA.BTS