Geocode File Downloads:


2014 Geocoding Data Files CTPGEO14 can only be used for 2014 or later years.
2013 Geocoding Data Files CTPGEO13 can only be used for 2013 or later years.
2012 Geocoding Data Files CTPGEO12 can only be used for 2012 or later years.
2011 Geocoding Data Files   CTPGEO11 can only be used for 2011 or previous years.
  1. Select the Download button below to download the CTPGEO DATAXX.exe self extracting file. When the File Download screen appears, select Save and save the file to a folder on your system. Remember the location where you saved the file.

  2. After the download is complete, exit your Internet Browser. Go to the directory where you just saved CTPGEO DATAXX.exe. Double click on the exe file. The self-extracting file will prompt you with a location to unzip the files. Browse to the DRIVE where you want the files to be placed. The self extracting file will create a folder called CTPGEOXX. For example, if you want the files on network drive G, browse to G:\ . A directory named CTPGEOXX will be created at the root of the G drive (G:\CTPGEOXX). The 17 files will be extracted into this location. If you already have a CTPGEOXX directory, then browse to the directory or drive where CTPGEOXX is located by clicking the Browse button and selecting the drive or directory where CTPGEOXX is located. For example, G:\CTPGEOXX already exist; in this case browse to G:\. The CTPGEOXX directory will be created and you will be prompted to overwrite the existing files. Click Unzip. Answer 'Yes' to all.

  3. Open Census Traks Plus software. Go to File/Preferences/General. Click on the Change Location to select the location of the CTPGEOXX directory.

  4. Open the bank's 20XX file in the Editor.

  5. Go to Special/Re-Geocode File. This will geocode the file with the new files.


XX = The year of the geocoding data files being worked with or the year of the LAR.